Monday, August 1, 2011

Whenever I am asked what my favourite colour is, my instant answer is always to say Red.  I have no idea why it is my favourite.  Ok, my favourite football team play in Red ....Liverpool...and incidentally, I did pick them as my team when I was 8 based on the colour cos all my friends supported Spurs and I wanted to be different......and funny how most of my family are YID supporters now......., my favourite fruit are strawberries, which are red, my favourite hat and coat used to be red no photo to support this on the computer but I think I will definately be scrapping one in a minute........but other than that.....I have no idea..

I do not own many red clothes. I generally dress in browns and blacks, hints of green etc.  I am certainly not a  person who cares what I am wearing much, short of the hope that it fits and looks ok, so I don't give much interest to my wardrobe.  However, having a quick look... and I mean quick. My wardrobe for the WHOLE year fits into one small Argos 2 door job ...I have been told lots by the girls about their need to pull out their summer wardrobes...I look at them slackmouthed..but anyway, I am babbling lol..... highlights my attempts to bring in colour through my shirts with a flower pattern on and my cheap work tshirts which are fast catching up with the rainbow.

There is actually very little evidence of my favourite colour anywhere....wel except here but the boss picked this!
please ignore the wet patchs on the wall. i thought i had a better photo but this is what the boss took to show the assessor who is coming tomorrow to check out our flood damage.

Therefore, I am off to look at old pictures.  I know I have always liked colour but as I have got older, I seem to be more scared to use it and I am sure I was never like that before!

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