Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A bit of papercrafting

I have managed to do some papercrafting this week.....I say 'paper' because I have done a few mini stitching projects in the last few weeks.  I prefer to stitch in front of the telly rather than cut and paste but finally, I have a few days off to play :-)

This is a card I made for my Aunt using mainly Graphic 45 papers and a few interesting bits from Julie Kirks kits. I used a sketch for this from Creativity magazine, July 2012. The sketch was by Jo Austin in the challenge bit if I remember rightly.  I have made a few cards for birthdays this month but this was the only one I remembered to photograph!! I have managed to make 4 cards for the 52 card challenge ...will post them when I have completed this weeks card.

I have to say thanks to Shimelle for giving me my scrapping mojo back.  Her sketches have really helped and below is one of my attempts at the two 4x6 sketch.  Above is influenced by it but not really using it.  
Both LOs were using the October Studio Calico kit and one of the Add Ons....I can't remember which and I am sadly no longer subscribing after I had no end of trouble with the customs guys with the last 3 :-( . Needless to say, I am better off saving up and making a large order from the shop every so often.

The paper used above is from Rusty Pickle called Take That.  I thought it suited the subject as it is a short narrative about the boss spending half his life on the PS3!!

On a side note, I have recently purchased a diary to write all my crafting notes in...I draw all the sketches on the date they come out with notes beside it and ideas for blogs etc.  So far, in just a month, it has been invaluable so I want to say thanks to Jennifer who blogged about it during her Organisational weekend in July last year. I can't find the post to link to though :-( ...sorry about that.

A photo holds a million memories

I have a pretty poor memory. This was confirmed when my sister contradicted my long held belief (and current hate) of using the phone.  She kindly informed me that, as a child, I was one of *those* teenagers. You know the ones...come home from school and instantly on the phone with the friend they have just walked home with who lives 4 doors down! I may or may not have been guilty of that exact crime but typing it jogs a memory.

And this is the thing.  I am currently obsessed with particular family history. Whenever I go home I pull out the photo albums in my Uncles house....which are conveniently stored in *my* room (so named because I am the one who uses it the most!). I have pulled no end of photos out to bring home to scan ...seriously, one of my family needs to invest in a scanner...I hate mutilating the albums but they are too big to bring home with me.....and I love it. And why do I love it? Because they trigger memories.

I am around 4 or 5 in the picture on the left.  There is nothing amazingly special about it. But the first time I looked at it I got really excited.  Why? Because of the guitar.  Now, I don't have any particular memory about this guitar except that I absolutely loved it....and as I typed that statement, I suddenly remembered the little plectrum I had and how cool I thought that was.....!

Then, there is the one above. This was on my birthday in 1983 ...thanks to my nan who marked the date on the  back ...  and judging by the colour of the bike, I am guessing that it is my Raleigh Apple bike....oh, how I loved that bike. It has also triggered a memory of another Raleigh bike I had ...purple ....think it was called lady?....around the 90s...anyone remember as I will be all night on the internet!!!!!

The thing is, I probably don't remember anything about the particular day that has been photographed in any picture. But what is in the picture...clothes, the carpet, the stereo (especially the one in the above picture....ooooo lots of stories are coming to mind......) tends to trigger lots of things that I thought I had forgotten.  It is true to say that I am definately a visual person and that is the beauty of having the photos and why I have become obsessive about asking everyone to dig deep...I now have so many 'triggered memory' stories, I don't have enough photos for them.  However, I do have plenty of pretty

This picture holds no particular triggers.....I just love this picture so had to share. :-D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

StoryTelling Sunday: Mouses don't bounce!

My sister was talking to #3 (age 3 and 11 months!) the other day about our favourite teddies.  She was telling him about mine when he looked at her.. "But why does Auntie Jayne call it Bouncy? Mouses dont bounce?" !!!!!!

Bouncy is my favourite teddy. My childhood (and adult, when the boss is not here) companion. He is a bit battered but well loved. He is so loved in fact that at the age of 14, I was beside myself with grief when he decided to go on holiday underneath my bed for 2 weeks without telling me. He is probably my most prized possession!

*This was brought to you by Sians 'Storytelling Sunday' which is now in it's 3rd year. Pop over and see what everyone else is writing and if you have a story, why not share it.*

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas.

Mine involved a lot of this....



Planes  Boats

and this ...


as I travelled across land and sea to spend time with family.

It was all documented in this...

as I did my first Smash book in one of Amy Tans Ready Steady Go mini books.  Took a little while to get used to because I am bit of a neat freak, but it was a great way to get details in that I otherwise wouldn't have documented and it is a great place to put all the tickets that I always save for a rainy day!!!

It was a quiet affair with the in laws but my nieces and nephews sure made up for it afterwards.  I hate that they are so far away :-(

Anyway, I thought I would just give a *wave* as I have not been able to pop in and say hi to everyone as reading nearly 500 blogs before starting a night shift and while doing the washing is a bit of major feat in itself lol.

But, I am all up to date now so once my weekend shifts are over, I should be getting myself into a routine...which will hopefully start with my first contribution to Storytelling Sunday ...providing I have scheduled the post correct!!! 

Hopefully, see you then :-)