Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Good Company? I sure am :)

This month, I have remembered to join in with In Good Company at Susannes blog. I say 'remembered' because, after finding out about it at Alisons blog last month, I was all up for joining in. I had a Sassfras LO all completed the day before, then completely forgot all about it! Doh! 

So, Susanne posts a challenge every month getting you to look through your stash and use anything from a particular brand name.  All in the name of using your stuff. 

This month is October Afternoon. I don't usually focus on using a particular brand as a jumping off point but it was a great challenge and I laid out the papers before I picked the photo. 

Below is a list of all the products used:

Tim Holtz Kraft cardstock
Papermania capsule collection
OA Sasparilla high noon (for half the title) and stagecoach papers
OA letter stickers
Sassafras for SC butterfly stickers and paper
Fabrics and washi tape
Elles Studio tag
Distress Inks: Chipped Sapphire

The photo incidentally is another occasion of me wearing a rarely seen dress in my teenage years.  It seems to be the only time I would let my picture get taken because of the stir i wished to create lol.  And the jacket I am wearing? It was my Dads wedding suit jacket.  I had the whole thing (I loved the flares) and am now on the search for some photo evidence of me in it. I am not sure there is one though :(

Monday, June 11, 2012

Month In Numbers - May

May was the month of the Scala choir.

 It just about trumps anything else I did this month including the 12 hours I spent at a friends wedding (a long time for me, I usually bail before the fun starts!), the 92 points the boss's golf team scored to claim 7th in the tournament and win us a meal for 2 in a local restaurant and the 2 random prize draws I won in a week *yay*.

The boss loves Scala and Kolacny Brothers (to give them their full title).  He heard they were playing in Dublin at the beginning of the month so having a little money left over after buying my new camera, I picked up a couple of tickets.  You see, the boss is not much of a concert goer, whereas I will go to see anyone, so when he tells me about a date, I will jump through hoops to get him ...and me, there.

Incase you have never heard of them, here is a taster of how great they are....

There are tons of videos on YouTube and they do covers of loads of popular songs, including Smells like Teen Spirit, Creep, Under the Bridge and Bittersweet Symphony to name but a few. To find out a bit more about them, you can find them here.

So, the day in numbers goes as follows:

16.02 train to Dublin....the journey takes around 2 hours and costs €40 return. The bus costs €17 less but the journey is less comfortable, it takes half an hour more and the travel times are less frequent.

60 seconds walk from our hotel..The the Olympia Theatre.  Good choice by the boss and it only cost us €90 for the night, which in Dublin on a Saturday night at short notice is pretty good.

€3.50 a pint till 8pm in The Turk so took advantage of that.  They were showing the Heineken Cup final and we managed to catch the end...Leinster beat Ulster 42-16 so the locals were mighty happy.

The show started at 8pm and we were in Row M, seats 5/6 which was a pretty good view (and situated close to the bar and toilets...always a bargain in my eyes).  I have always liked the is a beautiful building and the accoustics are brilliant in it.

The support band were a Donegal country/folk band called The Henry Girls and they were fantastic.

Then at around 9pm, the main event started and I have to say, they were everything we expected and 100 times more. I found watching the brothers fascinating, especially conducting the girls.  They connected really well with the audience and an hour and a half really wasn't long enough. They sang a few well known songs as well as some original pieces. And much to the boss's delight, they also played his favourite, Yellow.
(26 September, they are the O2 in London.....I hugely recommend it)

And, that is my month.  Cut off a bit short admittedly but this is probably the 5th draft I have written and thats brain just can't cope anymore lol.

So, thanks for looking and do pop here to get a link to Julies Pinterest board and visit a few other participants

Oh, and I better warn you now, June will consist largely of Euro 2012 if you dislike the beautiful game, sorry!!! ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I may start crying!!!

I want to move on with my Cover to Cover work ... lots of notes but no physical work done.

I want to scrap but now I finally have time to do some, Jean has fled (newly christened creating gene!!!).

I want to write my Month in Numbers post but can't seem to get the flow going. I am proud I have lots of notes to pick from though (and you can go here to find out more and get links to others while I procrastinate)

I know this is the reason why I am having brain freeze.....

I want to leave it till next week when I have my days off between nights so more time to organise.

I guess what I want just won't fly today if I want Jean to return....reckon she left in protest!

I think I want to cry at this point as this is such an ongoing issue!

O, Jean just whispered to me there is a LO in the making here and if I do a little now, my reward will be a short visit of encouragement.

See ya later :)