Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What were the chances.....

..that I would take a few days off work and this would happen!

It has totally thrown my plans off! How can I clear this out....

..with all that sunshine outside?!!!

I am determined to enjoy days like this in 2012. I am one of those weird souls that is not a fan of summer. Don't get me wrong, I love the longer days and the blue skies but I am not a fan of the heat or the brightness of the sun! No sunglasses have ever worked for me. I still end up with a squint and a headache!

And I just don't seem to 'get' summer clothes. I don't think I have bought anything other than a t shirt and cropped trousers in years! But then, I just don't get/like clothes shopping (but sure, that's a whole other story which may become relevant soon since I have to buy something pretty for a wedding I am attending in may :s).

So, I spent the afternoon in the garden yesterday reading, trying hard not to think of the birthday card I have to make and send my sister by Monday (well, I can't ruin my reputation of sending things at the last minute now can I??!).

Except, I have ran out of lotion!

And didn't think about it!

Therefore I am now a little bit red!!!! Oops!

Guess I am staying indoors until I can get to a chemist (or other cheaper retail outlet that sells lotion that I will use for 3 days then not touch till next year because the sun has completed its visit to Ireland for the summer!!!)

Which means I now have no excuse not to be upstairs!

If I get out of the room alive, I will let ya know! (don't fancy my chances though!!)

- Posted on the move :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Month in Numbers - February

This month, I thought I would utilise the Notes app on my phone.

I began by logging the minutes it takes me to do my walk when I am on splits...45 minutes which is approximately 3 miles according to a work colleague. Or the duration of The Kinks 'The Village Preservation Society' special edition album that I was listening to at the time.

ssshh, i know the picture is from jan but no one will notice
 On the 13th, I received my order from Sew and Sew which took 4 days to arrive and that was over a weekend. Mightily impressed so I will definately be ordering from them again. I have my eye on their complete stash of DMC threads although the fact that I rewound 304 colours shows me that I can't be far off the complete selection already.

moving from the gold concept to the paper reels. much tidier for me
And this is where my counting kind of dropped off! Seemingly, using a pen and paper is still my favourite way to remember things...something I have realised by keeping up to date with my OLW scribblings so far.

Oh, and I had sat down to do a Month in Numbers LO to accompany this post this morning but it turned into the LO you see below! Not quite what I was looking for but one of the quickest LOs I have produced with all my stash around me! That is definately no bad thing :)

Don't forget, if you want to join in, hit the link in my sidebar or go straight to Julies post for Feb where she will also direct you to her Pinterest board where you'll find everyone else :)