Thursday, February 28, 2013

MIN...February 2013

This month, I decided to count one thing rather than randomly find numbers. I figured this would make it easier for me to keep count and make it slightly less stressful...which is something doing this post shouldn't be.
It actually proved to be a good move since I spent most of last week eye deep in a cold, continuing to go to work (dedication to the job has nowt to do with it.....bill paying does!!) then tending to the boss who always gets colds 10x worse than me!

And what did I pick to count? Well, in a effort to get reading more into my routine, I decided to count what I read over the month.

I am mighty impressed with my count as well....5 books. That's the most I have read in a month for years.  It helps that Discworld novels are easy to read.  It also helps that when I am off work, I have started to set aside an hour in the morning while I have my morning tea to read.  That makes such a difference to my day.  It can occasionally mean I spend all day reading but who I am to complain about's all I ever did growing up.

My reading list....The Colour of Magic .... 285 pages
                          The Light Fantastic .... 285 pages
                          Equal Rites .... 283 pages
                          Mort .... 272 pages
                          Sourcery ... 270 pages

That makes 1395 pages read this month (not including the 36 pages of Wyrd Sisters this morning).

I have also read 68 pages of this months SFX magazine (although that may end up being more by the end of today...I am typing this up early as I am back on nights and I tend to read that while at work).

Then there is the 94 pages of Cross Stitcher I looked through this week and the 616 pages of 4 weeks worth of Radio Times.

Wow, that's a lot of reading.....just as well I didn't add work stuff, blogs, mail etc...!

If you want to add to your reading count, head over to Julie to see what everyone else was up to this month.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

More 52 cards.....

Well, more that I am up to date with the challenge ...YAY go me !! (A bit of a pat on the back for myself there....don't mind me lol)

Above is for old/neglected stash and the ribbons and bows from the Papermania Capsule Collection are definately neglected.

You think the next challenge was use hearts? More gesso used for this....on the die cut hearts and in the card itself using the leftover negative from cutting. I rubbed distress ink on the hearts with a wet wipe and the tag is Elles Studio.

The last card challenged you to use red, pink and aqua.

Now, I probably should think about the Christmas card part of the challenge.........😱

(Thanks for the feel better love by the way.....I am trying to inform the blocked nose but its just not interested!!!!! 😜)

(Challenge on kool kitty musings blog....will relink when I get near a computer!) *edited*

- Posted on the move :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Some cards...

I feel the need to cheer myself up so I figured what better way than to share my cards for the 52 card challenge. I have managed 5 so far, which is pretty damn good for me to be honest *slaps self on back* 

Use something new
The new thing in card 1 is the stamp....only because it had been in my stash for a while and I hadn't used it! The paper is Amy Tangerine 'Ready Steady Go!'

Clean and Simple

Most of my cards tend to be clean and simple so this was a good challenge.  The paper is one of those advert cards you get in Studio Calico kits and the sticker is American Craft, I think.  

Use 2 or more colours from hot pink, yellow, green, aqua, pink, peach
 I chose pink and yellow for this one.  The card started off well....gessoed some book paper on the card then used an Elles Studio stamp with the 2 colours.  Then, I got a bit lost! The ribbon is old stash, the tag is Elles Studio....the first item I ever bought from them. Not overly happy with the card but not too bad considering I don't usually use such bright colours.

Paper from a paper pad

More Amy Tangerine paper here...using Ready Steady Go and Sketchbook 6x6 pads.

Use the sketch provided 
Finally, a bit more gesso used here (that stuff is highly addictive), more Amy Tangerine, an old feather and a tag from DoCrafts.

So, why do I need cheering up?

 I appear to have caught the flu (yep, aches, pains the works!). On the day which, according to the paper, is the sickest day of the year! Good to see I join in with the mob occasionally!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

StoryTelling Sunday: My Precious #2

Yes, I know it's February but I have opted to steer clear of any 'soppy' things I hold dear. Only because I am trying to think outside of the box and figure my wedding ring/husband/dogs are a given as being precious to me (although the ring may have its story told yet, short as it is)

I have opted to look beyond the obvious for my stories.  Things that are part of my everyday life and make up my own 'story' eg: last months STS

Mugs are definately part of my everyday life.  Not because I drink a lot of tea although I do  but because I am mildly obsessed with them.

I am guessing my obsession stems from childhood and the large amount of mugs that my parents had have. They had to be rotated by me as I hated hate that any are left out.

Look at you all. Waiting in line patiently until it's your turn to live in the 'tea' cupboard. 
You like being there. It's not dusty. You get a bit of privacy. You know you will be used. You know you will be warm for a day when I am home and I sure keep you warm! 

Head on over to Sian to see what everyone else is sharing this month

Saturday, February 2, 2013

MIN: January 2013

 Well, I remembered this time.  Helps that I have been making notes. Doesn't that I have been putting off writing this post as I can never seem to get a cohesive flow to the writing. So, I will chuck some random numbers at you but ones that come accompanied with pretty pictures :-)

See this boat?
Ulysses Irish ferries
I spent 3 and half hours on this, drinking wine, to counteract the seasickness I tend to suffer..purely medicinal...honest.
Not bad I hear you say? Ok, add to that the 8 and a half hours I spent on a train  (only 2 changes thankfully...Ely and London) and the 3 hours waiting inbetween trains/boats, that's a total of 15 hours travel.  
I am not complaining, you understand.  It was actually great to put the numbers down to see the reality of the way we travel just because the boss hates flying, we have no bag limit apart from what we can reasonably carry and I still haven't got around to sorting out our passports they are only 5 years out of date ssssshhhhhh!!! 

Earlier in the month I went on what I officially call 'Practise Manual Day'. This involved me heading down to Carrick-on-Shannon to take 219 photos with my DSLR. My first proper go at turning of Auto.

This one was caught thanks to the boss, who came running in from the pub thirsty work this photography business you know to state that I may want get to outside quickly.  This was my favourite of several settings. It's just such a shame that my zoom is not very good.....wheres my 'to save for' list?  *rustle of paper as it hides down the sofa*

This was the strangest sight...weighing scales on the train station. Guessing it was used for weighing parcels.

 Below, is my favourite picture I took that day. Now, I just have to learn how to edit the rest ;-)

The last number because I seem to have lost track of myself  is the 31 pictures I have managed to take for #fmsphotoaday on Instagram.  I am hoping to carry this on throughout the year and am working on putting all the photos together like Mel does, so I can scrap/blog them.  That can wait till work is over for the weekend though. 
My favourite 365 picture so far...prompt was sun and I edited in the camera+ app

So, with that, I will leave you to head back to Julie to see who else has joined in with  her Month in Numbers.

I am off to see if I can write my story for Storytelling Sunday before I go to work. I want a day off the computer tomorrow!!!!