Thursday, February 21, 2013

More 52 cards.....

Well, more that I am up to date with the challenge ...YAY go me !! (A bit of a pat on the back for myself there....don't mind me lol)

Above is for old/neglected stash and the ribbons and bows from the Papermania Capsule Collection are definately neglected.

You think the next challenge was use hearts? More gesso used for this....on the die cut hearts and in the card itself using the leftover negative from cutting. I rubbed distress ink on the hearts with a wet wipe and the tag is Elles Studio.

The last card challenged you to use red, pink and aqua.

Now, I probably should think about the Christmas card part of the challenge.........😱

(Thanks for the feel better love by the way.....I am trying to inform the blocked nose but its just not interested!!!!! 😜)

(Challenge on kool kitty musings blog....will relink when I get near a computer!) *edited*

- Posted on the move :)

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  1. It looks like you are having fun with this challenge. And I'm seriously impressed that you are up to date. I wish I could say that about anything around here.