Saturday, February 2, 2013

MIN: January 2013

 Well, I remembered this time.  Helps that I have been making notes. Doesn't that I have been putting off writing this post as I can never seem to get a cohesive flow to the writing. So, I will chuck some random numbers at you but ones that come accompanied with pretty pictures :-)

See this boat?
Ulysses Irish ferries
I spent 3 and half hours on this, drinking wine, to counteract the seasickness I tend to suffer..purely medicinal...honest.
Not bad I hear you say? Ok, add to that the 8 and a half hours I spent on a train  (only 2 changes thankfully...Ely and London) and the 3 hours waiting inbetween trains/boats, that's a total of 15 hours travel.  
I am not complaining, you understand.  It was actually great to put the numbers down to see the reality of the way we travel just because the boss hates flying, we have no bag limit apart from what we can reasonably carry and I still haven't got around to sorting out our passports they are only 5 years out of date ssssshhhhhh!!! 

Earlier in the month I went on what I officially call 'Practise Manual Day'. This involved me heading down to Carrick-on-Shannon to take 219 photos with my DSLR. My first proper go at turning of Auto.

This one was caught thanks to the boss, who came running in from the pub thirsty work this photography business you know to state that I may want get to outside quickly.  This was my favourite of several settings. It's just such a shame that my zoom is not very good.....wheres my 'to save for' list?  *rustle of paper as it hides down the sofa*

This was the strangest sight...weighing scales on the train station. Guessing it was used for weighing parcels.

 Below, is my favourite picture I took that day. Now, I just have to learn how to edit the rest ;-)

The last number because I seem to have lost track of myself  is the 31 pictures I have managed to take for #fmsphotoaday on Instagram.  I am hoping to carry this on throughout the year and am working on putting all the photos together like Mel does, so I can scrap/blog them.  That can wait till work is over for the weekend though. 
My favourite 365 picture so far...prompt was sun and I edited in the camera+ app

So, with that, I will leave you to head back to Julie to see who else has joined in with  her Month in Numbers.

I am off to see if I can write my story for Storytelling Sunday before I go to work. I want a day off the computer tomorrow!!!!


  1. Great looking photos! I hate to fly but sadly that pretty much leaves driving as my only option.

    If you have Picasa, which is free photo software, it will take your chosen pics and put them in a grid like Mel's easily

  2. Great summary :) And congrats on getting off auto, I still use it far more than I should! (Yes, I use Picasa for my photo grids - it does the hard work for me!!)

  3. That last pic is stunning!
    Alison xx

  4. That last sunset photo is really gorgeous! x

  5. Hi Jayne - thanks for joining in and linking once again.

    I think your photos look well worth the off-auto effort!

    I hope the final destiniation was worth all the travelling too - and counting the numbers seems to work especially well for trips + holidays doesn't it? I've seen so many M in N bloggers make great summaries from theirs.

    I've added you to the board now:

    Happy February!

    Julie :-)

  6. wow that is one stunning sun photo. As for the motion sickness. thank goodness it is not me with you.

  7. beautiful photos and it is interesting to put together all the numbers of a journey

  8. I've not tried wine before to rid motion sickness :) will keep that one in mind. I love your sun photos too - and good job at keeping up with your 365 photos!