Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy.....Christmas??!!!!! *photo heavy*

Yep, I completed my JYC journal during Paddys weekend and thought I would show it off at Easter.

Nothing like confusing you all.

I will leave you with the pictures but for a quick bit of info:

I used Paperchase album and 6x4 protectors. Loved this format as made it quick to put together
I used the 'Christmas in a box' kit from Shimelle but added a couple of stamps. 
I may add to it. I will make bigger pages of some stories. 

TFL :-)

Oh....and Happy Easter xx

Reindeer provided by a work colleague who knows my love of collecting stuff!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Replacing Google Reader

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Storytelling Sunday: March's Storytelling Sunday! For March I'm thinking of an Irish themed "precious" maybe....

What a great idea, I thought. Me and the boss upped sticks and moved over to the Emerald Isle, all our possessions in a white van, on 22/23rd February 2004 ...overnight ferry...always the best way to do the driving lark so my dad says ...and since he was driving... so it would make a lovely tie in.  

So I went down my list of 'precious's'....yep, that is so not a word...!!....but nothing struck me as particularly Irish.

I still don't want to go down the traditional route but quite frankly, I was stumped.  

Until I started going through my wedding photos. I am putting some of them into an album on Photobox so we have something to flick through....yep, no scrapbook album yet...that's a whole other story....!

My wedding was small.  A civil service in a hotel in Carrick-on Shannon, we had family and close friends, no official photos, no official wedding dress to be honest...I wore a prom dress I picked up in Enniskillen. Anyway, for the 'afters' we came home and had a party in our local. The landlord laid on a spread for us as a wedding gift and we got a local singer, invited the locals and had a party.

And it was brilliant.  I danced.  We got drunk.  We kept going until the small hours.  When I think about it, it was pretty precious because it helped make the day memorable for us.

photo by Auntie R. 
But the Irish thing I hear you ask? It's not that it was in Ireland, which would be pretty Irish itself!!!!! It's that it felt like a small Irish wedding as opposed to the small turntables and disco you normally get at an English wedding ...nowt wrong with that by the way, my sisters was very successful and equally brilliant with the obligatory dodgy DJ....

photo by Auntie R.  

I guess at that point, I can honestly say I became honorary Irish for the day! And that is pretty cool :-)

I know I am a little bit late but if you hit the link at the top of the story, you will find lots of other wonderful stories to read. Enjoy.