Saturday, November 12, 2011

Britain in a Day Pt 2..

Ok, so I kept up with the photos......not!! I have been tweeting regularly though so I think they will serve as a good record for what I have done this afternoon.  I spent most of the time going through my photos and learning how to tweak them on the programme I have.....just a Windows programme that came already on the laptop but it will do for now. 
the picture that sparked off the mini book idea.  adore how in love they look
I am decorating an old Maya Road chipboard album that I have had for ages with Graphic 45 Le Romantique papers.  These papers are gorgeous and so hard to cut into.  I like the theme of them as the pictures I am using are all old pictures of my Nan that I robbed borrowed from my Grandad.  It is actually for him as I thought it would be nice for him to have some photos of her all in one place. 

I posted a picture of the front cover on Twitter (@paperwoolthread) but I will post the finished album here once its done.

Right, have to peel potatoes, finish watching England game (took me 30 mins to write this thanks to the first half!), bath, pick something to wear (o dear...!) then head out to the Golf club as there is a ticket do at the boss's club tonight.....all this before 8.30pm (and not including eat the dinner and phone the hope of being ready for this taxi).
Wish me luck!

Britain in A Day..

.....well sort of. I saw this in my recent copy of Radio Times about an initiative to get as many people as possible videoing what they do for a day....more info here.

Now, I probably don't qualify as a Brit at the moment as I currently live in the Republic of Ireland (not a question I dare to ask in the pub lol) but I am British since I was born and reared there (I am a proud East Anglian). I also have a bit of a dislike of videoing myself so wouldn't submit anything anyway.  However, I liked the idea of documenting my day and as a true scrapbooker, thought I could do it in a Project Life type way.  Handy since I am interested in doing that next year so it gives me a chance to see how I could work it.

The plan is to use here as a log of what I do....hopefully remembering to take pictures...(so far, so good). I don't really blog about my every day life so this is a good way for me to see if I can comfortably write about issue I always seem to have. 

So, lets start....

07.00:  got up. Would say 'woke up' but as usual I was awake very early but couldn't justify getting out of the bed.

08.00: reading the above :)
 09.00: wave goodbye to the to the golf course...which means I can watch last nights The Walking Dead. mmmmm Andrew will always be Egg to me :)
As you can probably tell, my photos above are a little mixed up....I took the tv snap then realised I could have the time showing on the photo (am using my Genius app incase you wondering...takes great photos), but they happened pretty close together so...!

10.00-11.00: involved a bit of Twitter reading and shifting things upstairs.  Finally changed the background on the laptop....(won't show you the previous picture...lets just say the boss had his turn for long enough). I would love to say that the table is messy because I am in the middle of a project but the truth is, I have not sat at it all week! It tends to become a dumping ground untill I can be bothered to put everything away.  Several attempts to stop this practice have obviously not succeeded.

Oh, I did a picture of my cup of tea but I seem to have deleted it.....! O well, the last couple of hours have involved blog reading, typing this post and getting ready for this....

christmas crafting weekend

Loving the posts so far :) Now, where did I leave my Christamas stash????

Hopefully, I will back later :)