Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello handsome :)

Had to put this up.  Mr Tennant totally rocking the Russell Brand look :) I had a look at the trailer the other week and it looks very good. I think he plays a comedy type of character who kills vampires (I may have this wrong...never read the articule properly, was a bit distracted lol)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A birthday card on time

 Above is the 'offending' article for my bridesmaid.  Her birthday is 4th July. It means it will be posted and arrive on time.  That is a rare thing for me, I can tell you.
The card, as you can see, is Gorjuss.  I love her and would love to get more stash.  She so reminds me of..well, me!!!! This was oval decoupage and was quite easy.  The stamps were from All about Swirls and Butterflies from the Banana Frog range. I need more BF stamps. These ones are sooooo overused lol.

This card is for a colleague at work who has just had an operation. I always try and make the card for the staff to sign so we can use all our collection for the gift.  And what is the use of having me there if u can't use me for something lol.
The bear is lifted from an old Papercraft Inspirations 'Card Toppers' selection by Jo Kill I love her stuff
It was easy to make and is just lots of paper piecing. I actually used a load of scraps for this card. I have so many, I have resolved to plough through them in the next few days.
oh, the bottle top on the left of the card is lifted from I Speak Melsh (I will link to the post later, I have to find it and the boss is hurrying me as we are supposed to be going out)...thanks Mel, at last I have an excuse to hoard bottle tops, much to the boss's annoyance lol

offending scrap pile. I won't lift the top of this.......tons of stuff underneath!!!!!

Right, better post before I get told off lol

Found the link to Mels mention of the bottle tops :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

My new home

I finally got sick of having 2 different comment addresses (which will have to addressed(!) once I remember who gets comments from Jayne and who gets comments from dogmatix!). I wanted everything on one address. So, here I am.  Old name but new address.

I will hopefully catch up on myself over the next few days now I have a few days off.  In the meantime, I will leave  u with this card I did for Fathers Day :)

mmm, just looked at the preview. think I may need to play with the LO for a while as well.