Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Challenge 12: one photo printed twice

no date on this yet as waiting for the family to help me out with that!!

Wow, I have never churned out so many LOs before :) well, not without having at least a week off anyway lol

It seems my Nan H took a lot of group pictures. I remember the camera being out alot but I don't really remember family shots as such. But I am so pleased I have found them as we don't have many and they are great for telling stories that no other photos exist for. This one will be partnering many stories in the future but for now, it is good for recording that photos such as this exist :)

The challenges are open at Shimelles until the end of the week if you want to pop over and have a look by the way. There are some great LOs popping up so far :)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Challenge 15: Rubbish Photos

...although I wouldn't say the photo is rubbish so much as extremely old!!!

I have always loved this photo. It's of me, Aunt C, Uncle R, Nan and Grandad. I have had the photo for years and have no idea how I managed to get hold of it. No doubt, I robbed got given it by someone in the family!

It has faded in those years.  By a huge amount as it goes. I certainly don't remember it being this bad when I acquired it.

used pop dots on the photo to make it ..erm.... 'pop'!

Still, it was worth scrapping and this challenge certainly gave me the confidence to go for it. After all, about 2 thirds of my collection at the moment are 'rubbish' photos...either bad quality or just old film ones. I am pretty bad at printing photos and my printer eats colour cartridge.....the boss is taking some convincing on the printer I want

can u guess which one I am ......?

Here's a closer look at the photo. I am guessing the photo is Xmas 1977 based on decorations u can barely see, the lack of little sis and the fact that I look considerably older than 3 mths old ...which would have made it 1976!!!!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Challenge 2

Here is my effort for challenge 2. (Sorry about the poor quality but no chance of me getting a daylight picture now this weekend!)

I changed my mind so many times doing this but opted to lift a LO from Glitter Girl after I found some old American Crafts paper (I was determined to use old paper only)!

In the end, these were the products I used:

American Crafts- Metropolitan Underground
Creative Imaginations- Barb Tourtillotte sticker sheet
Amy Tangerine Mini Alphas- Olive
Elles Studio- handmade layers cutouts
Mister Hueys- opaque white, gable green
A selection of stars of which I have no idea where they come from, other that I have owned them for nearly 10 years :s !
A scalloped circle that came from my Interesting Bits pack

A fair amount of product for such a simple page but then I rarely do LOs using just one collection anyway!

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Challenge 1: Shimelle scrap weekend

It is the first day of Shimelles online weekend extravaganza and I have been able to play live today which is a great way to spend my day off before I hit the long weekend at work! (scrapping event and semi final football??!! Should have planned my holiday dates better lol)

I have managed to do a LO for the first challenge which was to scrap lift from a Jaime Warren LO. I picked up on the scattered embellishments, placement and one photo theme.

The picture is just before we left Ipswich to move to Ireland.

That was 8 years ago!!

Only feels like yesterday! :s

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Month in numbers: March

A brief bunch of numbers this month but I have achieved a LO, so I can't complain.
211 pages read out of 1076 of story written by Ken Follett for The Pillars of the Earth.  One of the books that has been taunting me for months on my 'to read' shelf (yes, I have a set of shelves in the bedroom with the books I have yet to read....gaps are beginning to appear at last!!!)
15 days where I completed my exercise routine this month - 10 of my DVD and 5 walks.
7 days of nasty headcold. It arrived over Paddys weekend, which is Bank Holiday over here and if it wasn't bad enough that I was working, I worked my way through my nice, posh, soft Kleenex tissues in the process!!
16 days that my Studio Calico box spent in the sorting office in Carrick because I couldn't get there to pick it up.  I have it now though and I used the kit for the LO.
Ok, that was brief!
You can join in with Julie here and she will share a link to her Pinterest board where you will find others who join in with this fun monthly roundup.
And on the subject of Julie, I highly recommend you drop into her Etsy store where she has some great Interesting Bits and Plundered Paper packs.  I received an order from her this week (ordered on Thurs night, arrived here Monday morning...super happy Jayne that day). Her new range is brilliant and has loads of great bits in it....some of which I used on this months LO.
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Monday, April 2, 2012


Just a quickie to celebrate 34 years of this fair lady :)

And just incase you were wondering, I did manage to make her card on time.

- Posted on the move :)