Monday, April 16, 2012

Challenge 15: Rubbish Photos

...although I wouldn't say the photo is rubbish so much as extremely old!!!

I have always loved this photo. It's of me, Aunt C, Uncle R, Nan and Grandad. I have had the photo for years and have no idea how I managed to get hold of it. No doubt, I robbed got given it by someone in the family!

It has faded in those years.  By a huge amount as it goes. I certainly don't remember it being this bad when I acquired it.

used pop dots on the photo to make it ..erm.... 'pop'!

Still, it was worth scrapping and this challenge certainly gave me the confidence to go for it. After all, about 2 thirds of my collection at the moment are 'rubbish' photos...either bad quality or just old film ones. I am pretty bad at printing photos and my printer eats colour cartridge.....the boss is taking some convincing on the printer I want

can u guess which one I am ......?

Here's a closer look at the photo. I am guessing the photo is Xmas 1977 based on decorations u can barely see, the lack of little sis and the fact that I look considerably older than 3 mths old ...which would have made it 1976!!!!

- Posted on the move :)


  1. What a cute photo! I love that aged look--and how you distressed the page to go with the photo. Perfect layout!

  2. I love this page! It looks totally effective, and it's great that you've got a story on too. I think it has a vintage look about it - you'd never guess it was as "rubbish" photo!

  3. Your layout is lovely! Great photo! The vintage look makes it's even more awesome!

  4. ENOUGH with the vintage, aged, etc!!! My baby was born in 1979!!! :)

    It's a lovely layout, it's perfect with that white background it makes it stand out so much.

    REALLY OLD. Humph.... I have photos from the 1920s to scrap. Can't wait to pick up those babies, they'll fall apart.

  5. Good layout! I have a bunch of old photos I've been scanning in and fixing up digitally. It's slow going though

  6. Love the journalling and the whole vintage feel1
    Alison xx

  7. I really like the white space on this and whole feel of it. I am never confident about scrapping photos when the color cast has aged, but you've shown me that a vintage look really works. Nice job.