Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Month in numbers: March

A brief bunch of numbers this month but I have achieved a LO, so I can't complain.
211 pages read out of 1076 of story written by Ken Follett for The Pillars of the Earth.  One of the books that has been taunting me for months on my 'to read' shelf (yes, I have a set of shelves in the bedroom with the books I have yet to read....gaps are beginning to appear at last!!!)
15 days where I completed my exercise routine this month - 10 of my DVD and 5 walks.
7 days of nasty headcold. It arrived over Paddys weekend, which is Bank Holiday over here and if it wasn't bad enough that I was working, I worked my way through my nice, posh, soft Kleenex tissues in the process!!
16 days that my Studio Calico box spent in the sorting office in Carrick because I couldn't get there to pick it up.  I have it now though and I used the kit for the LO.
Ok, that was brief!
You can join in with Julie here and she will share a link to her Pinterest board where you will find others who join in with this fun monthly roundup.
And on the subject of Julie, I highly recommend you drop into her Etsy store where she has some great Interesting Bits and Plundered Paper packs.  I received an order from her this week (ordered on Thurs night, arrived here Monday morning...super happy Jayne that day). Her new range is brilliant and has loads of great bits in it....some of which I used on this months LO.
- Posted on the move :)


  1. Mine was quite brief this month too - some months have more numbers than others! 16 days in a sorting office - that's a pretty depressing number, hope the number of hours you spend making stuff with it will make up for that!

  2. I listened to Pillars of the Earth on audio tape back in cassette days. It was like 12 cassettes but we were driving 18 hours so we appreciated the length. :)

  3. Sorry you've been poorly - not helped by that long wait! Here's to a better April ... :)

  4. Sorry to hear you've been ill but maybe it helped you start to make inroads into your book shelf x