Saturday, November 12, 2011

Britain in A Day..

.....well sort of. I saw this in my recent copy of Radio Times about an initiative to get as many people as possible videoing what they do for a day....more info here.

Now, I probably don't qualify as a Brit at the moment as I currently live in the Republic of Ireland (not a question I dare to ask in the pub lol) but I am British since I was born and reared there (I am a proud East Anglian). I also have a bit of a dislike of videoing myself so wouldn't submit anything anyway.  However, I liked the idea of documenting my day and as a true scrapbooker, thought I could do it in a Project Life type way.  Handy since I am interested in doing that next year so it gives me a chance to see how I could work it.

The plan is to use here as a log of what I do....hopefully remembering to take pictures...(so far, so good). I don't really blog about my every day life so this is a good way for me to see if I can comfortably write about issue I always seem to have. 

So, lets start....

07.00:  got up. Would say 'woke up' but as usual I was awake very early but couldn't justify getting out of the bed.

08.00: reading the above :)
 09.00: wave goodbye to the to the golf course...which means I can watch last nights The Walking Dead. mmmmm Andrew will always be Egg to me :)
As you can probably tell, my photos above are a little mixed up....I took the tv snap then realised I could have the time showing on the photo (am using my Genius app incase you wondering...takes great photos), but they happened pretty close together so...!

10.00-11.00: involved a bit of Twitter reading and shifting things upstairs.  Finally changed the background on the laptop....(won't show you the previous picture...lets just say the boss had his turn for long enough). I would love to say that the table is messy because I am in the middle of a project but the truth is, I have not sat at it all week! It tends to become a dumping ground untill I can be bothered to put everything away.  Several attempts to stop this practice have obviously not succeeded.

Oh, I did a picture of my cup of tea but I seem to have deleted it.....! O well, the last couple of hours have involved blog reading, typing this post and getting ready for this....

christmas crafting weekend

Loving the posts so far :) Now, where did I leave my Christamas stash????

Hopefully, I will back later :)

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