Thursday, February 28, 2013

MIN...February 2013

This month, I decided to count one thing rather than randomly find numbers. I figured this would make it easier for me to keep count and make it slightly less stressful...which is something doing this post shouldn't be.
It actually proved to be a good move since I spent most of last week eye deep in a cold, continuing to go to work (dedication to the job has nowt to do with it.....bill paying does!!) then tending to the boss who always gets colds 10x worse than me!

And what did I pick to count? Well, in a effort to get reading more into my routine, I decided to count what I read over the month.

I am mighty impressed with my count as well....5 books. That's the most I have read in a month for years.  It helps that Discworld novels are easy to read.  It also helps that when I am off work, I have started to set aside an hour in the morning while I have my morning tea to read.  That makes such a difference to my day.  It can occasionally mean I spend all day reading but who I am to complain about's all I ever did growing up.

My reading list....The Colour of Magic .... 285 pages
                          The Light Fantastic .... 285 pages
                          Equal Rites .... 283 pages
                          Mort .... 272 pages
                          Sourcery ... 270 pages

That makes 1395 pages read this month (not including the 36 pages of Wyrd Sisters this morning).

I have also read 68 pages of this months SFX magazine (although that may end up being more by the end of today...I am typing this up early as I am back on nights and I tend to read that while at work).

Then there is the 94 pages of Cross Stitcher I looked through this week and the 616 pages of 4 weeks worth of Radio Times.

Wow, that's a lot of reading.....just as well I didn't add work stuff, blogs, mail etc...!

If you want to add to your reading count, head over to Julie to see what everyone else was up to this month.


  1. sounds like a lovely discworkd fest - must persuade my nephew to lend me his collection to re-read

  2. Well done on getting all that reading done! I read 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' by Rachel Joyce...I would defs recommend it!
    Alison xx

  3. wow lots of reading going on, I should show more discipline! Have a great March!

  4. That is a lot of numbers representing a lot of reading - sounds like a nice way to spend February.

  5. Wow!!! That is a lot of reading in one month.... I am at an average of 1 book/month! LOL! That morning hour of reading with a cup of tea sounds divine though!

  6. Wow you must have plenty of time to get all that reading down. I must make more of an effort to read ...well may find time to read would be more to the point.

  7. I never thought to count my magazine reading ... most of my month consists of devouring the Radio Times too!

    What a great way to start your days off - it really is amazing how much you can get through when you just dedicate time to read isn't it?

    Your post is on the board now:

    Hope you're feeling brighter and cold-free now, have a great new month of reading!

    Julie :-)

  8. I like that you counted your pages. Especially with a long book, it is a more accurate representation. :) Great job.