Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What were the chances.....

..that I would take a few days off work and this would happen!

It has totally thrown my plans off! How can I clear this out....

..with all that sunshine outside?!!!

I am determined to enjoy days like this in 2012. I am one of those weird souls that is not a fan of summer. Don't get me wrong, I love the longer days and the blue skies but I am not a fan of the heat or the brightness of the sun! No sunglasses have ever worked for me. I still end up with a squint and a headache!

And I just don't seem to 'get' summer clothes. I don't think I have bought anything other than a t shirt and cropped trousers in years! But then, I just don't get/like clothes shopping (but sure, that's a whole other story which may become relevant soon since I have to buy something pretty for a wedding I am attending in may :s).

So, I spent the afternoon in the garden yesterday reading, trying hard not to think of the birthday card I have to make and send my sister by Monday (well, I can't ruin my reputation of sending things at the last minute now can I??!).

Except, I have ran out of lotion!

And didn't think about it!

Therefore I am now a little bit red!!!! Oops!

Guess I am staying indoors until I can get to a chemist (or other cheaper retail outlet that sells lotion that I will use for 3 days then not touch till next year because the sun has completed its visit to Ireland for the summer!!!)

Which means I now have no excuse not to be upstairs!

If I get out of the room alive, I will let ya know! (don't fancy my chances though!!)

- Posted on the move :)


  1. Hope the sunburn isn't too bad! ....you are right to enjoy the weather while you have it
    Alison xx

  2. I like summer in general, but I am not a fan of summer wardrobes.

    Or the heat. Once it reaches 85 or so that's about it for me