Sunday, June 3, 2012

I may start crying!!!

I want to move on with my Cover to Cover work ... lots of notes but no physical work done.

I want to scrap but now I finally have time to do some, Jean has fled (newly christened creating gene!!!).

I want to write my Month in Numbers post but can't seem to get the flow going. I am proud I have lots of notes to pick from though (and you can go here to find out more and get links to others while I procrastinate)

I know this is the reason why I am having brain freeze.....

I want to leave it till next week when I have my days off between nights so more time to organise.

I guess what I want just won't fly today if I want Jean to return....reckon she left in protest!

I think I want to cry at this point as this is such an ongoing issue!

O, Jean just whispered to me there is a LO in the making here and if I do a little now, my reward will be a short visit of encouragement.

See ya later :)


  1. Listen to Jean x
    Look forward to seeing the LO

  2. Definately a LO there! Hope Jean gets back soon!
    Alison xx

  3. lol - my craft space has looked like that often, which is unfortunate as it's in the living room!! I hope that inspiration floods back soon x

    PS I still owe you a book.... Sorry for being rubbish! It's sitting next to me right now, tucked up in a jiffy bag which I haven't yet addressed....

  4. Oh dear, I can see why you're feeling frustrated! I have to tidy up between each layout to keep my space sorted. I think you'll just have to dive in! I've not started working on cover-to-cover yet either though, so who am I to talk? I hope you be joining me on my 'organisation celebration' weekend to get some more tips?:

    Thanks for your comments on my 'This Way' layout, you are very welcome to pin it, I love it when my stuff gets pinned! I'm glad you liked the review too. :-)

  5. I have the same problem! My scraprooms a tip! Its like a boms exploded in there! I really need to cleanse...! lol Esp the floor! Catch up soon