Friday, August 12, 2011

$%@! customs!!!!!

I got my Studio Calico kit and extras today.  Yay, I hear you cry.  And yes, it is gorgeous and strokeable etc but the joy of receiving the box was tainted by nasty customs. 

€20 they charged me for VAT!! None of my 2peas parcels have had this problem.
And it wasn't just me that was affected. 

The boss ordered 2 new games from CDWOW and they always deliver separately.  They were put together and VAT was charged!

 You see, anything over €22 (not including delivery) is liable to VAT here.  And apparently, the boss was told that if 2 parcels come from the same invoice, they can be put together and charged as 1 package. 

€31 we paid overall this morning to the postie to get our goodies.

 We reckon they were noticing the high amount of goods coming our way (ok, mostly mine...but come on...) and decided we weren't paying enough so they should have a bit of my hard earned cash too! 

RAGING is putting too polite a phrase on it.

 RIP OFF IRELAND at its very bloody best!!!

Yes, I could have left this for my Month in Numbers but too annoyed to sit on it.

But, on the plus point....I did get my goodies, and now I don't know where to start lol

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  1. Now I got hammered for my two peas order and have been reluctant to order again but fingers crossed with my SC kit. I understand your issues. It's a beautiful kit though :0)