Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Something to brighten the day

Feeling a little blue today.  If anyone has any tips to cope with PMT that does not involve medication (EPO seems to be struggling with the workload), I would be greatful.  Today, housework seemed to help....not impressed lol!

So, thought I would finally put up my colour LO from Explore where I declared red as my favourite.

These pictures are from my school exchange trip to Germany.  Nearly 20 years ago!!!!! Ok Jayne, u are supposed to be cheering yourself up here!!!  The pictures highlight just how much I loved red back then.  And, on this trip I was quite famous for it. Especially with the item of redness on my head. 

I was going to put this on the LO but didn't feel it fitted and figured the story of the hat deserved its own LO rather than a garbled couple of lines.  That will be a good challenge for my journalling....or lack of lol.

If the colour red hasn't cheered you up ..marginally worked here!.. these may help some of you.

They have DEFINATELY cheered me up :)  Only 4 days to go.

Mission completed. LOL :)


  1. Great layout & I'll be looking out now for the hats very own layout lol

  2. You could add some B6 to that EPO. I think it's great