Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The meaning of colour

I can honestly say that although I like colour decided last night it is because I was an 80's child..the era of clashing colour lol I am definately  too scared to use it.  That was certainly recognised yesterday as I discussed my favourite colour and realised that I dont really have much obvious colour in my life anymore....visually speaking anyway.

I have never put much thought into 'translating' colour even though all my hobbies require its necessary participation.  I can certainly give you my feelings on music, what makes me happy, sad etc, but colour? Not so much. After writing my list, I find it highly amusing that I have listed yellow as irritating to me, especially since Shimelles web example listed it so positively.  I am not too surprised to see this because for all that I like the sun to be out, too much of it can make me irritable and tired and since yellow is such a summery colour, it figures that yellow is not my most happy colour. 

And yes,  you guessed right, summer is not my favourite season.  Maybe thats why I live in Ireland lol. Although, I do think it is because I am just not used to sun, since I do not go on foreign holidays much.

Comparing my thoughts to the web example though, I found it interesting just how I do think about colour.  Purple is fast bcoming one of my favourites, yet I put it down as feminine which is something I definately do not class myself as!!!!. In the example, they used magic and mystery. Imagine I never associated that side of me fantasy films/books are my favourite ways to 'disappear 'for a few hours with a colour at all.

This now means that nearly everything I do is being opened up in a whole new way.  Even as I typed my line earlier about music, I started to think of albums in colour.  This will open all sorts of doors when it comes to creating, as the one thing I do struggle with is the use of colour and whether it is too much or clashes with the photo.  I forget sometimes to look at the photo, rather than the visual colours.  This is also what hinders my journalling, as in, I cant scrap that picture as I don't know what to say.  And I have loads of colourful stuff in my stash as I am so drawn to it, just too scared to use it!!!

How glad am I to be on my week between nights to start experimenting while its all fresh :)


  1. Really interesting thoughts! Round here I am known as The Queen Of Green

  2. Really interesting post. I haven't started Shimelle's class - life has been too busy - but I have printed off all the prompts and am looking forward to going through them in the autumn. I like your views on yellow!

  3. I don't have a favourite colour either-I find it a strange question. But when scrapbooking, if all else fails a spot of red can often lift a page!!!

  4. I love purple but my parents believed that was a bad thing for some reason & always give me grief about choosing it. As a result I choose every color but purple for things. Weird