Friday, September 2, 2011

Challenges and Companions

 Above is the stash I took to work last night. I had to make a leaving card for a work colleague and as usual, said I would have it done a week ago but life got in the way! So, in a rush before I left, I bundled a load of stuff that was lying around on my desk and basically hoped for the best.  I am not always good with limited stash (especially on my 4th night shift!!) but thought the challenge would be good

And, I am pleased to say it was.  Above is the completed card. I am quite pleased with it and based on what I have been doing recently, it seems that distressed is definately my 'style'

I even made a second card.  Very pleased with myself *smug look*
Lesson? Less is more from a creative viewpoint.

Ok, no Month in Numbers from me..just not prepared this time! Click on the icon to see what everyone else is upto though.

Yep, I am doing LSNED (above could be my lesson 1!!) I am following on Twitter (@paperwoolthread), but am off for the next few days, so hopefully, I will have an album to do as well. I have an idea of what I would like to do but not sure if I can pull it off yet.

But, in the meantime, I have to time to even check if this makes I have to put the football up on the computer and am about to watch Doctor Who again well, the boss isnt here!!!

And, I have to see this man again.....

Rory......Best. Companion. Ever? I love him more and more every episode :) boss is not worried......yet!!!!

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