Monday, July 25, 2011

I have to come up for air.  I will presume that anyone who comes here will also read Shimelle? Have you seen the lovelies that she has been posting these last few days? I love the Christmas ranges, in particular Bo Bunny and Simple Stories. I can feel some sneaky shopping occuring whilst himself is on the golf course. Here is hoping I can be a bit more bold this time....I never shop with confidence. I always create a huge basket then trim it half, then half again.  The boss never feels that guilty when he shops online!

Whether any shopping will occur though depends largely on how nice our insurance company is to us.  You see, our house decided he fancied another shower at the weekend. He wasn't happy that we had managed to thwart his attempts since he washed downstairs and the inside walls 5 years ago.

Then he had a brainwave.

 Realising the dogs were not going to bat an eyelid at any disturbance, he figured that night time was the time to turn the shower on and complete his wash.  He figured he would give the lounge another going over since we are in it so much and risked the bedroom floor in the hope we wouldn't fall out of bed too early! 

The house is in serious trouble.

However, I may be able to forgive him if the insurance pays up.

In the meantime, smelly walls and chipboard floors I will have to deal with.

Which is why, today, I won't be photographing where I sleep lol.  I do have pictures of where I sit though
Sofa on right side of fireplace

Sofa on left side

Nothing hugely remarkable about the chairs. Our lounge is small so both offer good view of the tv.  The one on the right was the first sofa we ever bought. You can see it is used often as it has started to sag in the spot where we sit the most. It is also the sofa that the dogs are allowed to sit on....hence the tartan rug on the part where we don't sit.  Now, are you wondering if we both sit on that sofa at the same time because us 2 and the dogs?....doesn't seem possible right?

Yep, it's not possible. We very rarely sit next to each other....not even for movie night :( probably because I usually have some form of craft taking up any space left by the dogs lol

And we swop seats as well. If I am here during the day, I will take the nice comfy sofa on the left.  Good access to the plugs for the laptop and comfier yes, but the boss prefers the other seat for playing his computer games so I don't end up walking in front of him every 10 minutes.

Come the evening and we swop. I prefer the older seat for putting my legs up so I am directly facing the tv (which is at the end of the sofa). Plus, the lamp is there for the extra light when I am stitching.

So, throughout the day, we generally play musical chairs, whilst carefully maintaining a safe distance from each other lol

As for where I stand, I have been pacing the floor today as I start my stint of 4 nights and I find it awful hard to settle as I always get up early and find it hard to sleep in the day.  And according to RTE, we are gonna get a heatwave this week *FUME* I am wondering whether I should fish out my sleeping bag and sleep in the garden this week.
So, it was pretty hard to decide the best place today.  Definately one to think about!

While I am here, a picture of my playbook.
I am using Studio Calicos Mind The Gap kit.  Thought it was pretty suited for the class to be honest.  Yet to make some headway on some of last weeks prompts but guess whats coming to work with me later........!!!!!!!! The butterflies, if you are interested, came in a swop I participated in, on the Docrafts forum. Go check it out, they have some great swops.

With that, I better go print off this weeks workbook.

And before I go, imagine Dave are currently showing a Christmas edition of QI.....I guess CHA blogs and tv are definately hinting to me that I may need to start my Christmas cards!!!!!


  1. With Christmas being 5 months away today, yes I agree maybe I should start some of my cards too :). Your playbook is really lovely

  2. I hope the insurance company comes up trumps for you, what a week! Great front cover for your playbook