Friday, July 1, 2011

A Month In Numbers

I have finally got round to joining in Julie Kirks A Month in Numbers. And what better month to start than with this one.....

18/06/2011, 5 gorgeous men, 77, 529 (I think) screaming women (and a few men, including the boss)..........Yep, it can only mean Take That.
 The gig was fantastic, I sang myself hoarse and cried when they played Rule The World (our wedding song!!!). Such a shame I was so far up and couldn't see much of the boys when they danced at the end of the stage see the speakers that look like a pint of Guinness? they kinda blocked the view a bit.
Here you have my celebrity husband least the longest one I have had anyway lol. He is still beautiful all these years on and its a shame I have not got round to scanning my photos from...
19 years ago...which is the last time I saw them when they were beautiful boys at Cambridge Corn Exchange.  A little smaller than Croke park, which incidentally is the 3rd biggest stadium in Europe I believe.

Oops, the boss said there were 6 gorgeous men at the here he is lol

mmm...that was the easy part. The rest of the month was much harder to put into numbers.
1 failed driving first in Ireland but unfortunately my 5th overall as I took 4 in the UK. There has been a huge 14 year gap though and I am a good driver (honest!). I get terrible anxiety before exams, etc and it is definately causing me  a problem as I had great lesson before my always.  It is also the main reason why I have put off my test for so many years, but it getting a bit ridiculous that I don't drive in a country where it is so important....especially when u live in the rural areas like I do.

Talking of cars....€400 is what the damn thing has cost me at the moment and that will rise since we had to put it back in today to fix a squeak. I am slowly falling out of love with the thing and we just can't afford to change it at the moment :(

Ok, I will definately have to make a more conscious effort to write everything down this month. But at least I have the ball rolling and seriously......Murray is totally distracting me at the moment so I am off to send positive thoughts through the telly wires :)

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  1. Hi there, I'm glad to have found you! You have been leaving some lovely comments for me, but I couldn't find you to reply until now. Thanks! I always enjoy Julie's Month in Numbers, now I'll be looking out for yours too