Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Presents from the postman

We got rudely awoke by the postie today....well, 8.30 was rude to me since I am recovering from nights!
But, he was totally forgiven when he passed over 2 huge Amazon boxes :). Well, I have never jumped out of the bed so fast.  The boss had ordered some Denby pasta bowls, silver napkin rings, white napkins, chopping board and some DVDs.  I forgot to take a pic of the kitchenware but the DVDs are above.  Can u guess which ones I ordered?

I was really impressed with how quick everything came. We ordered on Wednesday and the way the bowls were packaged I was a little nervous of them being ordered to be honest I will definately order stuff other than music from them again. Now, we just have to organise a 'dinner party' which is actually bringing the neighbours over for food and a few beers so the boss can show them off....yes, he is definately the house proud one of us.

The iphone was purchased yesterday.  I hate not having good access to the internet when I am out, especially at work since I am there for no less than 13 hours a shift. I had to get a bill pay but after the last 24 hours I have had with it, it was worth it I have shied from them before as I am not a lover of talking on the phone ..yes, I am strange being a lady but I hate clothes shopping as well......!
The first app I got was the Hipstimatic one. I have long admired Cates regular pictures using it and after a couple of test shots on the doggles, I am really looking forward to playing and adding to it.

I have also finally got myself on Twitter.  Not posted much yet but I am going to reread Julie Tips for the Twitter Curious to get myself up to speed. My other goal before the week is out is to beable to blog from the phone and comment on other blogs....I am pretty sure I can figure that out before the end of the day....provided the boss stops playing with my phone that is lol

Now, I just have to wait for the crafty treats I bought myself :)
And on the subject of crafty stuff....here is the card I made my friends daughter for her Naming celebration.

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