Friday, July 8, 2011

A feast for the eyes

And what a feast it is :) An order from 2 peas.  Arrived yesterday of course because I was back at work but it gave me something to drool over on my return. The sprays are Mister Huey. I had a little play with them today and wow...they sprayed not just the card but half of me and the table as well and yes, I had put paper down to protect it!! They are great though and I cant wait to have a proper play with them. Unfortunately, my plan for a craft full day disappeared pretty quickly once I had finished all the boring house bits and I am unlikely to get near my room now for over a this weekend then a trip over the water home to visit my family will curtail that! O well, cant complain. 
What u can't see under the paper is the American Crafts album....very, very pleased with that!

The other feast is dinner.  Hot beef and bean thread noodles....or egg noodles in our case. I had to change a couple of bits (!) but it was actually quite nice.  I was pleasently surprised as the boss is the adventurous cook here! To me, mince means spag bol, lasagne or sheperds pie....not that I don't eat it any other way, just they are the only things I am good at cooking with it!

But, now I have another string to my mince bow :)

Right, can't linger. I have to figure out why my 3D doesn't work on my phone and upload a few albums to it and pack for home since I am working 13 hour shifts all weekend and leaving at 5am on Monday...thank god, I leave half my stuff at my uncles...small rucksack and a chance to sleep on the boat! I also have to write a list of jobs for the boss to do while I am away...hee hee hee...but he will ignore it!!!!

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