Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yay, I love it when a new class starts.  I have been reading the classes on my phone which I am totally addicted to and have finally got access to the 'real computer since I have still not managed to figure out how to blog with it yet partly cos I have been away, partly cos I am just damn lazy lol

So, I will start with the self portrait.

This is me and my #4 my sis has 4 children and the boss gave the numbers so he doesn't have to remember their names.  handy for here i think :) She loved looking at the pictures I had taken so I let her 'take' some pictures after I found the ingenious button that flips the lense round without turning the camera did I say I love my phone lol  I actually took the picture the day before class started so was quite chuffed that I had it as I hate taking pictures of myself.  This is something I will definately have to explore since if I am not confident in myself, how am I going to get confident in my creatvity.  So, that is my goal for this class I think. Exploring how I create, why I create and what I create!
I have yet to make my playbook. I might use my Studio Calico kit that came last week but am undecided so I have left my stash on the kitchen table.  I do this sometimes when I am unsure of the direction I want to go although not usually downstairs what with dog hairs, dinners etc however, lots of tv to catch up on .....  the only problem being that it can slow down the process a bit.
Hopefully, I will have it finished it by tomorrow. In the meantime, I am off to reread the next prompt and see if I have any old maps lying around......!


  1. What a great post, glad your doing the class & looking forward to seeing how you get on. That such a nice photo for your playbook

  2. I'm really enjoying these self portraits as I travel through blog world catching up - it's lovely to see you!