Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photos, photos everywhere......

I, like a lot of people, thought that so far, I had very few pictures, especially since I have had only the use of my iPhone camera all year (new camera arrived Friday though....my picture uptake will triple while I learn how to use it  :D ).

Nikon D3100 ...my first DSLR but I will whittle on about it another time :)

Guess I had forgotten about Instagram then!

my 2 fur children....proof that i did take some pics!!!

And the fact I am doing Take Twelve this year.

I have TONS!   :shock:  :D

Now, I like the idea of sending a print order every month because, as much as I like printing at home, I do see the costing point of view (hence the reason why I am actually changing my printer since 50 pictures dried up my colour cartridge and I heard that Kodak prints upto 100!).

So, I think I need to put in 20-30 photos a month into my budget.

Because, if I am honest, it bugs me big time when I have a photo on the computer that I am dying to scrap but can't print!

2 days in and I think I have changed nearly my whole process of organisation now....well, got it on here what I want to do anyway. That cant be bad  :D


  1. I'm doing take 12 too, but I'm afraid I haven't since February :) Just starting to sort out my photos now...good luck with the sorting!

  2. I haven't done this task yet....I'm not convinced about sending for prints, I've always printed my own
    Alison xx

  3. Cool :) I'm just now starting this class and I can see that point too of printing pictures monthly :) I too use both printing services. July is a new month and new way to organize and print photos :)