Saturday, May 12, 2012


Organising is something I thought I was reasonably good at. The boss begs to differ on the strength of my room. He does have a point I suppose, but at least it's an organised in I know where everything is and he doesn't have to ;)

However, recently I have noticed that I am a great list maker but a poor completer of these lists. Now, I am working on changing the completing part but I love that todays prompt is all about the list part :)

Yep, I know I have skipped prompt 5 here but as I am currently on nights, i think some of these will be jumbled a bit depending on my sleep pattern which can be poor to say the least.  I am blogging and that, for me, is an achievement in itself :)

Now, in the interest of complete transparency, I haven't made this list yet. I only just read the prompt to be honest. But I have a few ideas of what albums I would like to have and it is just a case of getting it down on paper and starting.

Since I don't have a system at the moment, this should be relatively easy to get started.  Not too much shuffling, just albums to purchase. And so far, I have ideas for albums on each of the nieces and nephews, heritage, early years (family), early years (me), our life (now), our life (since we met), wedding,  me, him.

But then Shimelle got me thinking. I have several lists dotted around the house about ideas for pages. Maybe I need to use these (did I mention something about collecting this list before?) and see how they would fit into each of these lists.  You see, while I like the list I have, I am not sure if it is exactly what I want. I am sure there needs to be some refining somewhere. I am sure there are some aspects of my life that I could document and not realise, so it is a good chance to look at where I am at the moment will work great in conjunction with my OLW

All this thought process from what is effectively a bit of homework on organising.

Which, I better go and do, since I have to hunt these bits of paper down and eat something before I leave in half an hour :s



  1. Sounds like you're doing a lot of thinking..I must have a look at the last couple of Prompts!
    Alison xx

  2. I don't have a system either. Attempts to create one have caused more trouble than the lack of one so far. Sooner or later I will get my scrapping organized though

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment on my Expedition Journal. Im now your new follower too, yippee! lol. And I see you live in Leitrim which is only 2 and a half hours from me! Im in Co Down myself. I was reading your post about organising, and Im pretty good at making lists myself and then either forgetting about them or ignore them, lol. But I did make myself a proper craft organiser folder and I sat today printing out hundreds of pages of organised tables and writing down many names, addresses, an inventory list of what I have and need (Of course, lol) and much more to go! Its still not complete but Im now getting there. By the way Jayne, I have actually done a video tutorial on how to make binder albums, so if you fancy making them instead of buying albums you can find my tutorial on my blog. They are incredibly easy to make. If you fancy seeing the video, go to the tutorial list on the right side of my blog and its under "Craft Organiser - Video Tutorial". Hope that helps. Lee x