Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April- Month in Numbers

No LO again this month but then, not much crafting has happened since I went back to work after my 2 week break over Easter and for the last 2 weeks in April, I seemed to live at the place.
In the week ending 22nd, I managed to do 57 hours from wed thru sunday....that's not including the 10 and a half hours break I had for the 3 split days which I don't go home for! I think I will have to be careful about how flexible I am for others in the future!!

I managed to do 6 pages for Shimelles online weekend crop, but only remembered to upload 4.  I still have the challenges though and plan to work my way through the rest of them as I have notes and ideas for all.

1 new baby born to my neighbours and above is the present I made for them. I love the Mabel Lucie Atwell designs. They are so cute.

If you look in the bottom left of the picture, you can just make out the 2 chilli sign which indicated here that this houmous ranked as medium on the 'burnt mouth' scale. I have a reasonably good tolerance for all things spicy but this...? Well, this blew my head off.  Medium, my eye!!!!

2 days...how long it took me to eat this medium sized beauty. Which considering it is chocolate and Creme Egg chocolate, it was a minor miracle it lasted 2 hours!

Well, thats me done for the month. I actually have plans that don't involve the house or work this month, so I will have to remember to document some numbers down somewhere!!
In the meantime...head off to Julie to see what everyone was up to :)


  1. Hmm - think I would be wary of anything jalapeƱo :0)
    Great numbers x

  2. Fascinating glimpse into your life through the numbers - I love numbers :) 57 hours though?! Bleh!

  3. Yes, I think I'd rather have a creme egg than anything jalapeno flavoured :) A great set of numbers