Monday, May 7, 2012


Shimelles new class started today (link in the sidebar if you're interested in joining us) and it's all about how we store our pages.
Today, we got homework....
1. If you have a system for your photos, pages and albums, how would you describe it? What does and doesn’t work as well as you would like?
2. If you don’t have a system, consider my system as a rough draft. What things do you already think
you would not want in your own system? What elements seem perfectly sensible for you?
3.Take a photo that helps describe your current status with scrapbooking.

I don't have a system at the moment. Above is what I currently have in the way of albums.  Nothing is chronological (the Harry Potter folder is my OLW storage....been a bit lazy in covering it yet!). I just add the page to the album to keep it safe and carry on.

I am not happy with this.

You see, what I want from this hobby has changed.  I want to make it more story based, rather than just putting pictures on pretty paper. I want to tell the story of me, of my family, of things we do, events we go to etc.....pretty much everything that other people already do.

I already doing that, I hear you ask? Well, kind of.  I certainly lacked the confidence in telling the story....either through poor memory or not being sure how to put it down on paper. Now with practice and plenty of inspiration and encouragement from the web, that is changing .....(my OLW is certainly being put to work.....'change')

So, my album layout has to change.

I have long admired Shimelles way of scrapping.  I like the idea of having a linear story so it is easy for other people (and future generations) to follow.

 I have already started by sorting out my pictures into easier categories for easy access. The white divider cards have notes for story ideas. I am not overly happy with it at the moment but it is certainly better than being left in a mess in the drawer and the bones of what I am aiming for is there.
I need more albums (easier said than done in this part of the world without incurring hefty customs bills and I only like 3 ring albums for their flexibility) but don't feel constrained to stick to any particular size. I like the idea of having special events (or as Shimelle puts it 'upgrades') as either minibooks or in different sized albums.

I also want the albums to be easily accessible to people. Easier said than done to be honest, but apart from me flicking through them every now and again, I have to ask my family if they want to have a look.  I want them to be more like coffee table books....especially as I have started scrapping a lot of older photos of the family.  I can't leave them downstairs though but I could make a size that could be left on view for a while.

I don't know....plenty to think about but at least I am in the right place :)

Incase anyone is wondering, I have not forgotten about my Month in Numbers post.  I have hugely busy  the last 2 weeks and hardly near my computer, but I hope to get one up in the next couple of days....even if its just to document how many hours I lived at work!!!!! :s


  1. great thoughts! looking forward to getting to know you in class :)

  2. I would like to have my albums more available as a coffee table book type thing. Hopefully we can all figure this out together as we go through class.

  3. Have you tried 'Sarah's cards' for albums?..their postage is very reasonable, even to here.
    Alison xx

  4. I really like the coffe table book idea - at least a minibook or two should be possible to use like that. Right? :)

  5. I am just getting started on this course so I am way behind. I appreciate your thoughts- they help me to get mine more clear. Thanks!