Monday, October 3, 2011

A Month In Numbers: September

Wow, did the month go fast.  So fast that I didnt realise it was the end of the month until Julie tweeted it! How did that happen?

Anyway, I will start off with this somewhat dubious number ......35

This is the magic number of years that I have annoyed been loved by my parents :)

This.... what the boss bought for me.

Above is what I did with it.....thanks to Heston Blumenthal, I was drinking fake champagne 80's style.   Now, I just have to hunt for the old classic flavours...Cream Soda and Dandelion and Burdock .....and I am 10 again!!!!!

0 is how many days I managed to complete of LSNED this year :(  I did read all the prompts but couldn't get into any type of rhythm.  I may do it next month or just use the prompts as journalling ideas.  I still find them useful for speaking ideas.

I was hoping to show you 3 cards I made but it seems that blogger got a bit drunk on the fake champagne and wont upload the photos.

So, I will leave it here for this month I think except to say THANKYOU to Lilipopo and Shimelle for the giveaway that they ran and for which I won this (which arrived today and is beautiful) and this.  Check out her shop, there are some beautiful items in it :-)

*seems my typing is coming up different colours again.....maybe blogger has caught this rotten head cold I have as well*


  1. I bought a soda stream for my husband a couple of years ago. He still likes it! We have found flavourings in Asda Home and Lakeland

  2. thank you vor visiting my blog and happy birthday to you to (you are younger than me though!!) xxx

  3. I'd be happy to send you some paper bags, please email me your address - link on my blog - and I'll put them in the post