Sunday, August 4, 2013

STS- August: Given in love

Sorry about the poor picture but I was a bit impatient to get this documented when I got home :-)

"What's that coming out of your eye, Auntie Jayne?" asks Number 4.
"That's a tear.." I say as more suddenly flow out.
2 little faces look at me with concern as their mum giggles in the background.
Number 3 comes up and hands me a toy car. "Here you go Auntie Jayne, have one of my toys"
Number 4 promptly comes up and does the same.

And that is how 2 seemingly random objects became some of the most precious things I brought back with me from a trip home to see my sister and the monsters.
(Don't mind that my sister being able to cry at the drop of a hat has always been a great source of family amusement...the oldest 2 usually join in the mockery but luckily they were out lol)
monster number 4
monster number 3

This is brought to you (by sheer luck since I've only been back a couple of days and had forgotten all about it :-s) via Sians monthly Storytelling Sunday meme. Hop over and have a look at what everyone is writing about and if you fancy it, join in :-)


  1. Ah what a lovely pair of monsters and how generous to share their preciouses with you!

  2. Amazing and love ur honesty about the forgetting. I am also known as the family weeper
    Jo xxx

  3. Those monsters sure know how to bring a tear to the eye. What a very precious story.

  4. They bring tears and they do their best to cheer you up at the same time :). That sounds like love to me ...

  5. What a lovely story - and sweet monsters too!

  6. Ha how much more sensitive children are than adults! Sisters are often the cruellest to each other too!

  7. Aw! How lovely! That sounds like love to me too and I'm not surprised you wanted to document your special moment just as soon as you could. It's a brilliant one for today (or yesterday! sorry, I got home late from the party last night - few tears there myself - and I have settled down this morning for a nice long read)

  8. That is a lovely story, it's so sweet that they each gave you something to cheer you up x

  9. What a sweet couple of monsters!

  10. Those memories are a wonderful precious. You have very caring and thoughtful monsters :)

  11. Oh all monsters should be just like that. What a lucky aunt you are! (And I know quite well how sisters can be.)