Friday, July 26, 2013

Scavenger hunt

I had planned to have a few 'ready to go' posts while I am at home but time ran away with me.

I have managed to catch up on some posts though and see Rinda is planning a linky on the 31st so thought I'd get a few of my finds up before then.

I am really enjoying doing the hunt and have even found a little helper while I am home ;-)

(An outside bench) ...I have posted several in Instagram (paperwoolthread if u want to see more of my finds so far) but this is my favourite because it is unusual. It is part of the new 'staging area' in the town centre.

(Fisherman) On my phone I cant really see the fishing rod but that's what he's doing. I asked number 2 to pose so I wasn't too obvious. As u can see, she happily obliged.

(Dinosaur) Loved this display when we went to my Uncles favourite hobby store the other day.

(Windmill) I have come across a few windmills in the last couple of days (and my uncle nearly went off the road looking at one I had spotted.!!) but I think Lilliput Lanes version had to win hands down

(Something out of place) rubbish in the river....always depressing to see but number 2 only delighted to point it out once I had described the challenge

(I will put in the links when I get near a computer ....don't know how to link on my phone)

- Posted on the move :)