Monday, August 19, 2013

Scavenger Hunt part 2

The nights are drawing in. It's 5.50am and it is still a little dark. Which means that summer is nearly over. So, I better share some more of my Scavenger pictures.
13. a fence: I wish I had a story to go with this picture but after staring at it for weeks, I think I will have to admit defeat and just say, here is a pretty fence near to where I live.
11. animal in a zoo: these little pot belly pigs and their mum live at Glendeer Pet Farm. We had gone there for a work trip and it was great fun. Imagine sitting eating your sandwiches while a llama and donkey look wistfully on at your side.

6. monster taking a nap
photo taken by monster #2
 The rare moments where we would get a little break from monster #4 :-)
photo taken by monster #2
 Getting her from my lap to my sister without waking her was some mean feat but we did manage it. Phew!
photo taken by monster #2

As you can see, the last 3 photos were taken by #2.

I took her on a photo walk and she really enjoyed it. She took some good photos, mainly of water and trees but my favourite picture was this one...
I really like the detail in the cobweb and the angle to it. Maybe we have a budding photographer in the family after all.


  1. Those are great snaps, and I like that last one too.

  2. I especially love that top one of the fence: what a great angle!

  3. Great pics....sounds like you've had a busy time with the monsters!
    Alison xx