Wednesday, February 29, 2012

48 questions:

Found this on Michelles blog and although a little late...for some reason, my reader keeps holding back blogs then coughing them out in about a months worth....I thought I would join in.  Some of the questions are differently worded to on her blog, but thats just because I got frustrated with my copy and paste tool so jotted them down instead.

What time did you get up today?  8.25am to see the boss off
How do you like your steak? Blue!!!!
Last film you saw at the cinema? crumbs....think it was New Years Eve last month
Favourite TV show? this is a tough one!!  I would say Dr Who most of the time, but at the moment seriously addicted to Fringe, Being Human and Grays Anatomy.
If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Not sure to be honest. I like the idea of New Zealand but then, I like the idea of Galway as well.
What did you have for breakfast? Muller Corner not really a breakfast person when I am at home
Favourite food? Corned Beef and Potato Pie or a pastie.
What foods do you dislike? Liver!!!!  Otherwise, I eat most things
Where is your favourite place to eat? at my kitchen table...we don't eat out much
What is your favourite dressing? Salad Cream or chilli sauce
What vehicle do you drive? None....I don't at the moment
What are your favourite clothes? jeans and jumpers...the woolier the better.
Where would you visit if you were given the chance? New York, just to say I have!
Cup half full or half empty? half empty unfortunately!
Where would you retire? I don't know. The boss likes the idea of France....I don't really think that far ahead
What is your favourite time of the day? Depends on the type of shift I am working if I am honest. On average, it is midday I suppose
Where were you born? Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Your favourite sport to watch? Football :)
Your favourite fragrance? Garlic.....don't wear perfume much
Your favourite face cream? Nivea Visage Rich
Your favourite baby/kids product? kids bananas...i know not strictly a product as such but adult size ones are just too much for me
People watcher? most definately!
Are you a morning or night person? Again, it depends on my shift pattern!!!
Do you have pets? Yep, Holly and Lister, 2 mongrel dogs were adopted from my parents litter...they are 7 now
Do you have any new or exciting news to share? Not at the moment. I am the worst at sharing news.
What did you want to be when you were little? I honestly can't remember...I have such a poor memory for that type of thing!
My favourite memory? again..brain...sieve....but do have lots of good ones, just cant pick one!
Are you a cat or dog person? Dog, definately.
Are you married? Yep, 2and a half years now!!!!!!
Do you always wear a seatbelt? Of course I do.
Have you been a car accident? A minor one
Any pet peeves? where do i start!!!!! If I say I can be a typical Virgo, does that help??
What are your favourite pizza toppings? Spicy meat...very spicy please
What is your favourite flower? not a huge fan of flowers but me and the boss do like lillies. he picked my wedding bouquet by the way!!
Your favourite icecream? Haagen Daz Strawberry Cheesecake or raspberry ripple
Your favourite fast food restaurant? Luigis....a local chipper that does proper chips like an english fish and chip shop! Its amazing how hard they are to find in Ireland.
How many times did you fail your driving test? I am soooo not telling you that....lets just say the process has been ongoing for the past 20 years (with a 15 year break in the middle I might add :P)
Who sent you your last email? blogger telling me Jo.C had left me a comment on my last post..thanks :)
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? two peas in a bucket....or if I have to go into a shop, I guess I could have a good go in WHSmiths or HMV/any record store with vinyl in particular
Have you done anything spontaneous yet? Moved to Ireland...pretty spontaneous. We decided and moved within 6 months. Ok, it helped I had family here :)
Do you like your job? Sometimes, but its a long story. I like the field I am in, put it that way!Broccoli? Yes, but I prefer Brussel Sprouts. Yep, brussels are the king of veg.
What was your favourite vacation? All been good but to be honest, we don't go away much.
Who was the last person you went put to dinner with? The boss because he couldn't be bothered to cook :)
What are you listening to now? England v Netherlands.
What's your favourite colour? Red
How many tattoos do you have? None, but I want one
Coffee Drinker? occasionally

Wow, that was tough!

Right, better concentrate on the second half of the game.
Hopefully, will work out my month in numbers in the next couple of days. Kept a poor record again!!!

Link me up if anyone joins in with the 48 :)

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