Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cards and walls

Below is the card I made for my aunt for her birthday last month.

The image is one of the LOTV freebies that came with Papercraft Inspirations a few months back. I would never normally use these types of images but I have made a few cards using them now and I have quite liked the results.
I probably should explain the greeting. My aunt has lived in Sweden for the last year and while she is not Swedish, she does speak the language quite well. So, I figured it was only right to send her a card in her 'native' tongue. I think I may do this for her whole family now. I am of course throwing in a bit of Irish as a challenge. Although that is more of a challenge for myself since I don't speak that either.
Who would have thought Google translate would be so handy!

My other share for today is this ...

I am not sure how well this photographed as I have only viewed it on my phone. I don't think the top right sticker came out well though (it reads football crazy)
Part of me feels that the LO needs a bit more but I am not sure what so I am happy to leave it as it is and go back to it at a later date.
I am pleased with my journalling though as that is something I am still a bit nervous about.
Basically, after telling my parents I wanted my room repainted in Liverpool colours (green and red at the time), they promptly delivered while I was visiting a friend for 2 weeks.
The badge incidentally was drawn and painted by my Aunt.
A mightily talented artist she is.

EDIT: Hopefully this will have posted ... have been trying for 2 weeks!!!

And while I'm here ...COME ON LIVERPOOL :)

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  1. How sweet of you to make a card in 'her' language! and your parents were clearly very understanding and amenable - great page!

  2. gr8 card! Love the paper on ur page! Thx 4 stopping by x