Wednesday, April 10, 2013

StoryTeliing Sunday: April

 This weeks precious is not really mine.
It belonged to my it currently belongs to my Uncle who kindly let me borrow it. That means he let me bring it out of the country. I am under 'pain of death' to keep it safe.
But why, I hear you ask? After all, it is just a book of birthdays right? 
Well, sort of. 
I won't lie. It does have birthdays in it.
It also has dates where friends/family members have died.
When my dad and uncle had childhood illnesses.
When us grandchildren had childhood illnesses.
When I broke my elbow (imagine the memories that tumbled out when I read that one!)
When my grandparents gave up smoking
dates of in house purchases e.g. when carpet put in, new tv, phone etc
She has even dated when it snowed for some years.
It is fascinating.
For me, it not only holds a wealth of information that has helped me date photos or recover memories for my scrapbooks. It also gives me a ton of information to help me start my research into my family tree.
I always knew this book existed, just like I always knew that I had inherited my love of lists and writing things down from her (as well as from my mum and maternal Nan of course!)
What I didn't know was just how much there was and how important this book has become to me.
I am currently transferring all the information into my own book so I can take it home with me when I visit again in a few months.
Until then, I am the proud owner of one of the most precious books in the family.
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  1. That truly is precious, enjoy and I am so jealous that you have something like that, lucky you xx

  2. It was nice of your uncle to let you borrow it - maybe someday you'll inherit it!

  3. Wow, it sounds much do I wish we had something like that in our family?! That really is precious: in fact it sounds like a scrapbooking goldmine!

  4. That is such an amazing thing to have! It's so great you get to borrow & copy it.

  5. Now that's what I CALL precious...fancy having all that family info at your fingertips!
    Alison xx

  6. Oh now that is a precious thing - what a wonderful collection of bits and pieces of family history.

  7. Oh what a treasure trove of history and trivia alike. Very precious indeed!

  8. What a fab thing to have! :)

  9. How wonderful! You have reminded me how important the little things are - the small details and little snippets. I hope you continue to be the loving curator of this special book.

  10. Wow! What a fantastic treasure to have. No wonder you are copying all that information down. Thanks for sharing it with us xx