Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take Twelve: January

This year, I thought I would have a go at following a year long project. One that I have started is Take Twelve. I reckon I can keep up with 12 photos a month and if I manage to complete the whole year, then I may have the courage to try one of the more 'intense' projects. 

So, the first 12th of the month landed on a shift pattern that sees me live at work for 2 days.  I was a bit unsure about taking pictures at work but then, work is part of my life so why can't I document it?

1st row L-R
1. One of the cakes they were showing on Ireland AM that morning.  It was a wedding special and some of the cakes were gorgeous. This cake has 'all you need is love' in edible decoration.
2. The view from the lounge window at about 8am.  I love how colourful the sky looks sometimes.
3. Print out of the first simple recipe guide at UKS. I had put together a kit to take to work to use during my long break between shifts.
4. In process of scrapping

2nd row L-R
5. Completed LO using the Simple Recipe kit. 
6. Part of the walk I do when I am on splits
7. Counting money work sucks lol
8. That is the mat at work....I was experimenting with some apps on my phone

3rd row L-R
9. Another experiment with the phone. 
10. One of the lads had a birthday during their stay, so we had a small party.
11. The curtain in the sleepover room....another experiment.
12. A sneaky one at the cinema...we went to see New Years Eve.  Watchable but no Love Actually!

Thats the photos sorted so! Not sure how I will scrap them yet but am working on an idea for a mini book, just need to put into practice!

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  1. I didn't photograph work this time around, but I am thinking that I would like to do that for future months. Can't wait to see what you do.