Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ANFSD January

Here is the LO in full that I did for Shimelles UKS challenge. Apologies for the shadow cast across the photo.  I only have my iPhone camera at the moment and have been having trouble loading photos onto the computer recently.  It seems to want to sync my phone at the same time (it never used to) and this means losing my carefully selected playlist.
 And when I say carefully selected, I mean it takes me nearly an hour to scroll down all the albums we have stored on here, manually tick the songs I want one by one (if anyone knows how to select many on iTunes, be grateful if you could tell me) then, upload them back up.

It also means that I can't alter the photo.  Mind, not I know how to do that yet...have only just uploaded Picasa so am still fiddling with it.

Anyhoo, I had to post this to Facebook, then save it onto my computer from there to beable to get it into the gallery. I don't normally post my LOs on there but I suppose there is no harm in my family seeing what I do on my days off :P

In case anyone is wondering, the pictures are of me, (Brownie uniform), sis and bro having our pics taken at my nans.  I'm currently 'stealing' photos from my Uncle to scan so I can scrap them and there are a lot of these type of photos. 

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  1. A fab LO, and I hope you get your computer issues sorted soon :)