Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is this is the best wedding clip ever?

Ha Ha...just been listening to this song on my iphone and I just had to share it. It still makes me smile and reminds me of girly get togethers around the record player/tape deck (depending on the house!!).
I was mad into Neighbours and especially Scott and Charlene.....needless to say my walls were covered in Smash Hits posters of the pair (and as their 'alter egos' Kylie and Jason :P).
And since I mention those pair...maybe I will add this as well....

so I can ramble on about how my parents bought me the single when they went out Christmas shopping (I am sure it was out around then but correct me if I am wrong...my memory is a bit shot these days) and I proceeded to spend days on my dads records player listening to it (with headphones naturally...although I did try and torture the family occasionally....guess just my poor singing was enough for them!).  I loved the B side just as much..if not just a little bit more......"all I really wanna do is make you so so happy...all I wanna do is make you smile.....".Mmmmm...wonder if I can find that......?

Yay...result......ok off to see if iTunes as it now (or if there is a way I can record my beloved single onto something digital) and then scrapbook as all of a sudden, I feel a bit creative.

Isn't it amazing what one song can do?  :)

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