Monday, September 2, 2013

Storytelling Sunday: September

Oh my, is it that time already??

I cant believe that September has crept up on us so fast....has anyone started the Christmas countdown yet? ;-)

I cant believe it is the first Sunday of the month already, which means that it must be time to join Sian in telling a precious story.

Since it's September, I figured I would tell a love story. Not a common garden slushy one. I am not really a 'romance' kind of person. I like to see the romance in an unconventional way.

I thought I would share my wedding ring since it's our 4 year anniversary this month.

    However, I figured that's a fairly obvious precious and since I am trying to avoid the obvious....!

So, instead, here is something that I hold very dear...

  .....the first present the husband ever bought me.

Professor Yaffle is my favourite character from Bagpuss and knowing this, he rocked home with this little ornament for me. We hadn't been going out for long but it remains my favourite present from him because he saw him in a window and thought of me.
It is a little beaten up (it may have been dropped and repaired a couple of times!!) but I love him and he always serves as a good reminder that my husband knows me better than I realise....

...which has just reminded me of the time he came home from the supermarket with a pair of scissors because my ones had broken. I thought I didn't have them anymore but low and behold....

Isn't it amazing what you keep?!!

The simple things.

 Maybe that is my precious after all.....that my hubby knows I am easily pleased lol




  1. It. Really is the little things that make us girls happy, isn't it?!
    Alison xx

  2. I could hear myself shouting "It's Professor Yaffle!" as I scrolled down. What a lovely present..I'd definitely like a Professor Yaffle of my own :)

    Happy Anniversary