Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cards and Photos

I managed to survive my 5 nights last week. Well, only's taken me till now to fully get over them.  I think they are getting harder as I get older. 

Anyway, determined to whittle down my scraps, I made a few cards...
It's been a while since I actually sat to make cards other than for an upcoming birthday and for a while I was thinking too hard. But, once I remembered it is just a mini LO, it became easier. Who would have thought I made cards before I did scrapbooking?!!!!!

Talking of LOs, here is the one I did for the Two Peas CHA 'use a sketch' challenge.


I used the June Studio Calico kit and used a colour palette I wouldn't normally use.  I like how the photos stand out on it though. Imagine those concerts were nearly 20 years apart. The Cambridge one only feels like yesterday :(

Before I go, I wanted to share a picture taken with my DSLR.  I am staying on the Auto setting for the moment while I get to grips with it and making notes of the settings each photo, to help me learn the differences. This one is of Lister and was taken in not looking through the viewfinder (I am holding off using the screen at the moment as I like using it in the old fashioned proper way). I had the camera underneath him, tilting up slightly and I love how it turned out.  No filters either....that's another thing I have to learn. Well, one step at a time! lol


Oh, Holly is feeling a bit left out so here is my favourite one of her so far....


  1. Nights were always difficult for me. I love your photos of the pooches :)

  2. Great use of scraps - and lovely layout, too! :)

  3. Cute cards and that layout is very pretty with all those different patterns. Well done all around.

  4. Great cards..and all the papers you've used on your LO! Funnily enough I started out card making too..and now find it more difficult!!
    Alison xx