Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Month In Numbers

So, the year is drawing to a close (as I write, there is only 50 minutes the time I finish this it will probably be 2012 :P)
It has been a mixed year but certainly on some fronts, a reasonably positive one.

I was going to do a Year in Numbers but as I was thinking about what to write, I seem to have a couple to write about in December and also, my head is a bit too fried to think about the whole year (plus, having Morecombe and Wise highlights in the background is awful distracting lol). I have just finshed the first of a 4 day working run which neatly brings me to my first number....

13.5hrs - which is the amount of hours a weekend/holiday shift consists of for me. I don't normally do 4 in a row but needs must and at least I will have nearly all my weeks done by Tuesday night :)  And the boss reckons I don't work anyway since I usually come home with tales of trips out for dinner, watching films and making things..Well, there has to be some perks to the length of shift lol

So, my Decemeber consists mainly of sister came over this year for Christmas up at the 'old  peoples' , and she brought her 4 beautiful, noisy children.

my beautiful sis....she only posed because #3 and 4 wanted to see me take a picture of her

#4 butter wouldn't melt !!!!!! :P

#3 not quite camera shy yet thankfully

#2 being inducted into the ways of papercrafting..she loved my Big Shot

#1...probably the best picture I could get of him lol

Ok, let me explain the # names I have given them.
When I met the boss, my sister already had #1.  She had #2 about a year after we met and he took a while to remember her name. Then she had #'s3 and 4 within a year of each other (they are 2 and 3 at the end of  Jan) and he now refuses to call them anything other than 3 and 4.  My sister reflected this on the tag on his pressie this yr which read from A, A, R, C, #3 and #4 lol
Needless to say, as the photos were uploading, I figured it was a good way to talk about them on here :) ..see...the boss is handy for something lol

It was great having them over and #s1 and 2 spent a night here which I enjoyed.  I didn't get to see them as much as I would have liked as the boss was ill over Christmas and at the moment, he is my taxi service, but I was just grateful to spend some time with them and my sister.
The old people need a week to recover I think......not least to stop the ringing in their ears from the constant noise lol.

1 broken bauble - no decorations as such this year as I couldn't be fussed with a tree but I badgered the boss enough to get a few baubles and tinsel across the mantelpiece and the lights up the stairs.  Except, the one at the far end of the picture fell off and broke. Not sure I will be allowed to do it again next year!!! :s I am just thankful it was only one bauble and not one of the icicle things....they would have probably been taken down there and then lol

05.45 - when we got our first (and so far only) bit of snow this side of 2011. It was great to see it as it fell though and torture not to go running out into it ( I was at work at the time!!)

11oC  -that was the temperature on Christmas day.....probably about the same as our summer this year.   Note the picture was not taken on the day.....I forgot but thankfully this experiment picture had the right number on it lol.  There has been an awful lot of rain though....but then is that really a surprise?! Plenty of wind as well which has been a bit less welcome.

Right, I am off since it has taken me over an hour to write this thing lol


nearly forgot..pop here to see Julies numbers and her links to everyone else who joins in


  1. Hi Jayne.

    Thanks for joining in- you actually had some little numbers living with you?! *Of course* you had to join in this month!! My neice loved the BigShot too - only had to be told once or twice how to use it and left hr to it.

    It's great to see the stories behind the numbers and I hope you get chance to run out in the snow next time!

    Happy New Year.

    Julie :-)

    [I've now added a link to this post in my original one.]

  2. Some great family snaps of the festive period!

  3. What I want to know is Do they respond to the numbers rather than their names? I can imagine some hilarious reactions if they do! Only just found Julie's Month in Numbers and hope to join in next month.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Love the photos - looks like you were having fun. Like your list of numbers, it's a great way to record things isn't it?